Studying Abroad

My First Year At The University Of Groningen

Hey guys, before the university really starts and it will become very busy again, I would like to make an evaluation of my first year at the University of Groningen. Maybe if you read this blog and you are just thinking about studying abroad as well, it will help you decide. At least I hope in it 🙂 I would like to mention only that all the information written here are just my personal opinions…

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What Did I Do After High School?

Hey guys, so here is my first article!! I chose to write about what I did after I had finished my high school, because this was the time when it all started. (or actually, it had started already the summer before when I worked in Greece and I realised that I love it!). The reason I didn’t go to a university directly was that I wanted to have some more adventure in my life, because…

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